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Alternate Side Parking Schedule

When parking overnight on streets in the City of Middleton, you must follow the Alternate Side Parking rules between November 15, 2020 and March 15, 2021

NOV. 2020


DEC. 2020

JAN. 2021

Evening of: Park Here: Evening of: Park Here: Evening of: Park Here:
14-Nov Odd side 1-Dec Even side 1-Jan Even side
15-Nov Even Side 2-Dec Odd Side 2-Jan Odd Side
16-Nov Odd side 3-Dec Even side 3-Jan Even side
17-Nov Even Side 4-Dec Odd Side 4-Jan Odd Side
18-Nov Odd side 5-Dec Even side 5-Jan Even side
19-Nov Even Side 6-Dec Odd Side 6-Jan Odd Side
20-Nov Odd side 7-Dec Even side 7-Jan Even side
21-Nov Even Side 8-Dec Odd Side 8-Jan Odd Side
22-Nov Odd side 9-Dec Even side 9-Jan Even side
23-Nov Even Side 10-Dec Odd Side 10-Jan Odd Side
24-Nov Odd side 11-Dec Even side 11-Jan Even side
25-Nov Even Side 12-Dec Odd Side 12-Jan Odd Side
26-Nov Odd side 13-Dec Even side 13-Jan Even side
27-Nov Even Side 14-Dec Odd Side 14-Jan Odd Side
28-Nov Odd side 15-Dec Even side 15-Jan Even side
29-Nov   Even Side 16-Dec Odd Side 16-Jan Odd Side
30-Nov Odd Side 17-Dec Even side 17-Jan Even side
18-Dec Odd Side 18-Jan Odd Side
19-Dec Even side 19-Jan Even side
20-Dec Odd Side 20-Jan Odd Side
21-Dec Even side 21-Jan Even side
22-Dec Odd Side 22-Jan Odd Side
23-Dec Even side 23-Jan Even side
24-Dec Odd Side 24-Jan Odd Side
25-Dec Even side 25-Jan Even side
26-Dec Odd Side 26-Jan Odd Side
27-Dec Even side 27-Jan Even side
28-Dec Odd Side 28-Jan Odd Side
29-Dec Even side 29-Jan Even side
30-Dec Odd Side 30-Jan Odd Side
31-Dec Odd Side 31-Jan Odd Side


FEB. 2021

MAR. 2021

Evening of: Park Here: Evening of: Park Here:
1-Feb Even side 1-Mar Even side
2-Feb Odd Side 2-Mar Odd Side
3-Feb Even side 3-Mar Even side
4-Feb Odd Side 4-Mar Odd Side
5-Feb Even side 5-Mar Even side
6-Feb Odd Side 6-Mar Odd Side
7-Feb Even side 7-Mar Even side
8-Feb Odd Side 8-Mar Odd Side
9-Feb Even side 9-Mar Even side
10-Feb Odd Side 10-Mar Odd Side
11-Feb Even side 11-Mar Even side
12-Feb Odd Side 12-Mar Odd Side
13-Feb Even side 13-Mar Even side
14-Feb Odd Side 14-Mar Odd Side
15-Feb Even side 15-Mar Even side
16-Feb Odd Side
17-Feb Even side
18-Feb Odd Side
19-Feb Even side
20-Feb Odd Side
21-Feb Even side
22-Feb Odd Side
23-Feb Even side
24-Feb Odd Side
25-Feb Even side
26-Feb Odd Side
27-Feb Even side
28-Feb Odd Side



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