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Neighborhood Association and Apartment Complex Liaison Program




The Middleton Police Department has initiated a plan that brings active neighborhood associations and apartment complexes and patrol officers into direct and more frequent contact. The Neighborhood Association and Apartment complex Liaison duties include maintaining frequent communication with the designated neighborhood association or apartment complex contact person (primarily through e-mail) in which information, problems, issues and remedies can be shared directly between the community and those officers that work in that area. It also allows the officers the opportunity to provide the community with a more realistic picture of the demands and limitations of their job.The goal of the Neighborhood Association and Apartment Complex Liaison is to provide more direct contact and communication between the police officers responsible for that district, neighborhood, or apartment complex. Better communication will facilitate a closer working relationship and better understanding between the community and the police, as well as more effective responses and remedies to issues and problems.





Neighborhood Associations and apartment complexes.


If you would like more information about this program, call your neighborhood association or apartment complex manager or owner. You may also contact Captain Chuck Foulke at 608-824-7312 or e-mail

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