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Front view from Donna Drive
Police Dept & Municipal Court
Front/NW corner from Donna Drive
Main Entry off Donna Drive
Sitting area at Main Entry
West side looking into Courtroom
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Chief Keil
Open House
Main Lobby
Stained Glass Window looking into the Municipal Courtroom
Municpal Judge Schuett's Bench
Municipal Courtroom
Chief Keil's Office
Administrative Meeting Room
Chief Keil visits with former Chief's during Open House (pictured left to right): former Chief David Steingraber, former Chief Bill Franken, former Chief Larry Fass and current Chief Brad Keil
Pictured left to right: Alderman Jim Wexler, Ed Elskamp, Chief Brad Keil, Alderman Steve Leo, Alderman Hans Hilbert, Attorney General J.B. VanHollen, Alderman Howard Teal, Alderman Susan West, Alderman Jon DiPiazza (hidden behind Susan West), US Senator Russ Feingold and Alderman Gurdip Brar
Communication Center
Records Bureau
Investigative Services Bureau
Officers Report Writing
Shift Briefing Room / Emergency Operation Center
Prisoner Booking
Booking Work Area
Prisoner Interview Room
Evidence Staging & Processing
Evidence Cold Storage Area
Officer Equipment Room
Defense & Arrest Tactic Training Area
Fitness Center
Police Vehicle Garage
Break Room
Outside Break Area
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