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Police Programs

Civic/Service Club Presentation

At the request of the clubs officers give presentation on topics of concern that the groups would like their members educated on.

Financial Institution Program

An officer trained in the area of crimes affecting the financial institutions addresses their employees during their in-service training sessions.

Temporary Police Alarms

The police department has several portable alarms that can be used at businesses or residences that allow immediate notification of the police department should a crime occur at that location.  The alarms are installed in response to a perceived need by the owner of the location, by a perceived need by officers on the department or in response to known targets of criminal behavior.

Parks Patrol

During the season of parks usage officers will patrol the parks on foot in order to present a police presence in the parks to help prevent crimes and to look for potential problems.

Citizen Observer Program

The department encourages citizens it serves to gain a better understanding of the department and police practices by riding along with a uniformed officer during actual patrol.   Citizens complete a waiver form and upon approval of the Chief of Police are assigned to an officer for their ride-a-long. Download a ride-along form here.

Tours of Police Department

The Police Department is open to the citizens it serves and tours of the facility may be arranged for groups.  The goal of the tours is to educate the public about the role the department plays in government and to make the public more aware of the services the department can provide. To find out more about how to schedule a tour, contact the Community Awareness Officer at 608-824-7323

KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System

This is a system that allows rapid emergency access to a building by emergency units via a locked box system that allows the emergency crew access to keys to the building.   This system can be utilized by commercial establishments or private residences.  The system can be recommended as part of the security survey of the building. Find our more and find out how to order yours by clicking here.


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