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Youth and Safety Projects

Youth Responsibility Project
Juveniles apprehended for offenses may, at the discretion of the intake officer or the court, be placed into this program.  Services may be provided to the victim, research papers may be assigned, counseling may be utilized, etc.
Alcohol Awareness Classes

Juveniles convicted of Underage Alcohol violations (first offense) are given the opportunity to participate in a series of classes presented by the Middleton Police Department, an area social service agencies that cover the area of alcohol and drug abuse.

Identification Fingerprinting of Children
Parents my bring their children to the police department for free fingerprinting of their children for identification purposes.  The parents keep the fingerprint cards in their records at home.
Bicycle Safety Patrol
The department has an officer assigned to ride a bicycle on patrol.  This allows them better access to juvenile and adult bicyclists so that educational stops can be made to encourage safe riding habits.  Enforcement activity is also made on these patrols.
Operation Identification 
Citizens can borrow an engraver from the police department that is to be used to mark personal property with identifying number to make recovery of the items easier should the item(s) be stolen.
Baseball/Football Cards
The aim of the program is to encourage juveniles to have contact with police officers in a friendly setting by having them request from the officers a set of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball cards or Green Bay Packers Football cards, a different set of which is passed out each week through out the seasons.
Bicycle Safety Programs
The department participates in a safety presentation during a civic group sponsored event of bicycle safety.

The department, with the assistance of a civic group, provides high visibility plastic bags to be used on Halloween.  The bags have safety hints imprinted on them.  The bags may be passed out during fall safety presentations at the schools as well as being made available elsewhere.






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